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July 09: Two new poems from Tim Saunders, the Cornish language poet

Kornel an Kyzbrenjy
(Delyow Poll)

Beure byz
a’worwel peub tra welyz:
ledrow nywlennvyw lec’hvryn
ow’ penna parwyz dhy’nn byz.

Nell ha’ nerth  
tuz ow’ tonez a-gyzgerth:
kri kryv ewnder a’dhassyn,  
dyc’htya gwiryow pren ha’ gwerth.  

Gwerth ha’ pren
lavarow trist po lawen:
omma traweîth y trokkyyn  
kuvweithrez po kovow len.

Trydhlyn ganz mir dhy bezwar parth,
gwlazgordh ann marth war vor ha’ tir,
ha’nn fordhow loezzir ow’ strotha ann garth.

Co-op Corner

World’s early morning
places a horizon round all things visible:
slopes of a slate hill alive with mists
setting a wall for the world.

Vigour and strength
of people coming together in common right:
strong cry of justice echoes,
dealing with the rights of buying and selling.

Selling and buying
of sad or joyous speech:
 here at times we shall exchange
kind act or honest memories.

Let us dawdle with a glance to the four points of the compass,
in the kingdom of wonder on sea and land,
as the long grey roads bind the ridge.

Nanz an Bargoz
(Egloes Tuzyg)

Gwandra gwêl
edhn a’vynn a vodh awel,
marc’hogaeth tro dr’y maesow
heb gwoskeuz nâ’ chwrr nâ’ c’hel.

Livow liw
ow’ lymna lethrow gwinwiw:
skovarneug ha’ skeuz ankow
a’we war-barth a-dreus riw.

Glesni glew,
kanna kommol ez gwavrew,
praz ha’ prysk a’grynwolow,
eudh kri moan dhy bluv ha’ blew.

Mar dromm ha’ poes ganz toth ann tan
dre’nn aer gloar lan y’koedh sterenn gloes:
a glyw kloc’h egloes, nown dhy gig a’wan.

Kite Valley
(St. Tudy)

A bird will wander
a battlefield at the behest of breeze,
riding towards its fields
without shelter or boundary or concealment.

Floods of colour
painting slopes worthy of wine:
a hare and the shadow of death
weave together across a slope.

Keen greenness,
cloud brighter than winter frost,
meadow and bushes light shiveringly,
horror of a thin cry to feathers and fur.

So suddenly and heavily with the speed of fire
through the cool clear air falls a star of pain:
within hearing of a church bell, hunger stabs into flesh.

Tim Saunders’ Cornish-language poem cycle, Awen, Aval and Awedh is currently in preparation, with stunning lino cuts by Tim Roberts. The poems are translated into English by Alan M Kent. Available iin a limited edition in 2010.

Click here for more information about Awen, Aval and Awedh


Other books by Tim Saunders:

Inside Merlin’s Cave – A Cornish Arthurian Reader 1000-2000

Nothing Broken – Recent Poetry in Cornish

The High Tide – Collected Poems in Cornish 1974–1999 by Tim Saunders

The Wheel – an anthology of modern poetry in Cornish 1850–1980


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Regular Cornish language classes with Mick Paynter.

London. The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery permanent exhibition of women in medicine.

First Sunday of every month, Redruth. Shout with the Red River singers.

Second Wednesday of every month, Luxulyan. Prys Ton – Cornish Music Session.

Until 6 January 2018, Southend. Exhibition – From Mile End to Mayfair: The East London Group & their contemporaries.

until 17 December 2017, Bow, London. Exhibition – The Working Artist: The East London Group.

20 October 2017, Penryn, Cornwall. Cornish songs from the Red River Singers at the National Dialect Festival 2017.

20–22 October 2017, Penryn, Cornwall. National Dialect Festival 2017.

25 October 2017, Bangor Universoty. Cyflwyno The Old Red Tongue / Introducing The Old Red Tongue.

2 November 2017, St Columb Major, Cornwall. Hark! A talk about Cornish carols by Sally Burley and Hilary Coleman.

9 November 2017, Bodmin, Cornwall. Talk by Paul Holden on the architect Richard Coad.

16 November 2017, Liskeard, Cornwall. Paul Holden gives the Inaugural George Vaughan-Ellis RIBA Memorial Lecture.

26 November 2017, Heartlands, Cornwall. Red River Singers at the Weekend Market.

29 November 2017, London. Paul Holden talk on Princes to Paupers: portraiture in the Lanhydrock photographic collection.

14 December 2017, Bodmin, Cornwall. Shout at Picrous Night.

22 December 2017, St Day, Cornwall. Carols with the red River Singers and the Carharrack & St Day Silver Band.

24 December 2017, Tregajorran, Cornwall. Christmas Eve carols in the Square.

29 November 2017, London. Paul Holden talk on “Estate Mapping at its Finest”: the Lanhydrock Atlas, 1696.