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July 09: Listen to a recording of the authors of Clear Red Water at the book’s London launch

In this recording at the launch of the book Clear Red Water: Welsh devolution and socialist politics the authors, Darren Williams and Nick Davies, outline some of the issues laid out in the book: the distance between the policies carried out by Welsh Labour in coalition with Plaid Cymru in the Welsh Assembly and those favoured by New Labour in Westminster, the need for greater devolutionary powers and call for socialists in Wales to work together rather than indulge in sterile tribalism. 

The recording was made by Adrian Leibowitz at Housmans bookshop, Kings Cross, on 17 June 2009.

Darren Williams talking about the background to Welsh devolution and Welsh Labour policies

Nick Davies talking about party democracy. allies and adversaries

The questions:

1. To what extent do the history, traditions and politics of the Scottish National Party and PLaid Cymru affect the politics within Scotland and Wales?

2. How realistic is it to build a bridgehead between Labour and Plaid at a grassroots level?

3. I don't see that there will necessarily be a 'progressive agenda' in Wales. It is part of the world economy and affected by the vagaries of it. The only answer as I see it is the resurgence of workers' movement. Which I regret to say doesn't look very likely at the moment. Could you comment on this?

4. Much has been said of a radical Scotland and Wales. I don't see this reflected within the Scots and Welsh MPs. Is this the effect of the media not reporting accurately, or are they simply all Blairites?

5. Would you consider that the Labour Party has come to the end of its historical purpose? Is the Labout 'tribe' facing extinction?

6. Is there a pattern of the Welsh electorate distinguishing between how they vote in a British election and one for the Welsh Assembly?

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Regular Cornish language classes with Mick Paynter.

London. The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery permanent exhibition of women in medicine.

First Sunday of every month, Redruth. Shout with the Red River singers.

Second Wednesday of every month, Luxulyan. Prys Ton – Cornish Music Session.

Until 6 January 2018, Southend. Exhibition – From Mile End to Mayfair: The East London Group & their contemporaries.

until 17 December 2017, Bow, London. Exhibition – The Working Artist: The East London Group.

20 October 2017, Penryn, Cornwall. Cornish songs from the Red River Singers at the National Dialect Festival 2017.

20–22 October 2017, Penryn, Cornwall. National Dialect Festival 2017.

25 October 2017, Bangor Universoty. Cyflwyno The Old Red Tongue / Introducing The Old Red Tongue.

2 November 2017, St Columb Major, Cornwall. Hark! A talk about Cornish carols by Sally Burley and Hilary Coleman.

9 November 2017, Bodmin, Cornwall. Talk by Paul Holden on the architect Richard Coad.

16 November 2017, Liskeard, Cornwall. Paul Holden gives the Inaugural George Vaughan-Ellis RIBA Memorial Lecture.

26 November 2017, Heartlands, Cornwall. Red River Singers at the Weekend Market.

29 November 2017, London. Paul Holden talk on Princes to Paupers: portraiture in the Lanhydrock photographic collection.

14 December 2017, Bodmin, Cornwall. Shout at Picrous Night.

22 December 2017, St Day, Cornwall. Carols with the red River Singers and the Carharrack & St Day Silver Band.

24 December 2017, Tregajorran, Cornwall. Christmas Eve carols in the Square.

29 November 2017, London. Paul Holden talk on “Estate Mapping at its Finest”: the Lanhydrock Atlas, 1696.